The People's Revolt Has Begun in Russia!

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The People's Revolt Has Begun in Russia!
In reaction to Vladimir Putin's call-up of 300,000 reservists to fight in the country's invasion of Ukraine, protests have taken place around Russia.
Protests have erupted against Vladimir Putin for forcing thousands of Russians to engage in the war against Ukraine, with fearful Russians yelling, "I will not die for you."
The first demonstrations broke out in Siberia when scores were arrested, and protestors risked being imprisoned for weeks or years for criticizing the military.
Protesters expressed their rage in western Russian cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, sparking unrest.
During the demonstrations, over 100 individuals have been detained thus far.
Zhanna Agalokova, 56, a former top Russian state TV personality on the propaganda Channel One, today openly condemned Putin and returned the honors she had been granted.
She wrote to the warmonger, "Mr. President, Your leadership is bringing the nation to its knees." I think your prizes to be inappropriate."
She returned the Order of Friendship and the Order of Merit for the Fatherland medal.
This was in response to charges that the Kremlin, known for rigging elections, had already determined the outcomes of Putin's bogus referendums in Ukraine's seized areas.
According to allegedly biased surveys, up to 92% will support joining Russia.
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