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Russian Soldiers Surrendered To Ukraine By Raising A White Flag!

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Ukraine's historic resistance has disrupted the Russian army's entire order! As a result of the counter-operations launched by the Ukrainian army, Russian soldiers began to surrender! This is causing new problems! The crisis in Russia is deepening as a result of the surrender of Russian soldiers. Before we dwell on the details of this crisis, there are some questions we need to answer.

What is going on in the Russian army, which claims to be the most powerful army in the world? What is the truth behind the surrender of Russian soldiers?

First of all, let's be clear: Russia is ruled by an oppressive regime. Putin, who claims to love his nation, is leading his own people into poverty and death! No democratic institution in Russia is functioning properly.

The Russian people want this war to end as soon as possible. But Putin's government insists on continuing the war. Because Putin needs this war to preserve his power. So what is the connection between this war and Putin's preservation of power?

Putin has ruled Russia for 23 years. During this time, Putin has increased his repressive policies and has become increasingly authoritarian. This situation also affected the Russian economy very badly. Inflation has risen in Russia and the Russian people have started to react against Putin! Putin chose to increase the tension in the country in order to unite the Russian people. He chose an easy target and attacked Ukraine.

Putin wanted to show his power to the whole world by winning an easy victory in Ukraine. Success in this war was especially important to regain the respect of the Russian people. But Putin's dreams did not come true! The whole Russian people are trying to wake up from a big nightmare!

After the failure in Ukraine, Putin realized that the Russian army was in a very inadequate state. The mobilization decision he announced to solve this problem is still being debated! The 300,000 soldiers that Putin forced into the army with this decision do not want to fight. That's why Russian soldiers started to surrender en masse!

In point of fact, for conscripted soldiers, surrender was their very last option. Before that, they experimented with a variety of other approaches. The first one was not even going to be required to serve in the military! Following the announcement that the military would be mobilized, millions of Russian citizens left their country. Particularly those who could have been drafted into the armed forces made a hasty escape. They eluded capture by fleeing on bicycles, in boats, on the chassis of trucks, and even on cargo ships! The reputation of Russia suffered a great deal as a result of these images.

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