Jason Voorhees Trolls Players in GTA 5 RP!

Jason Voorhees Trolls Players in GTA 5 RP!

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Spooky season is among us and in todays GTA 5 ROLEPLAY aka GTA 5 RP i went around Jason Voorhees and actually ended up trolling cops and trolling players. The entire city had a blast, cops ended up putting a bounty on me and bounty hunters gave to save me lol.

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Music used in video ➤

The entire list of music in this video is played by Season 1-5 money Heist by the special person Named Ivan. hes a great artist please check him out

Some beats in the video were used by @Soulzii

Yes, This is on FiveM on PC not console. I always get asked what server i play in and its my own. Maplehearts, Its a serious RP server made for content creators like myself. This isn't on console. Its on PC. Also the graphic pack i have is custom. Also i get asked if i will ever play GTA online no i cant. and yes i heard rumors about the GTA 6 leak